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At our approach is

“We are one giant shop to invest, trade learn tactics of finance to get you in the track of business”

We started one of the best money exchangers in Dubai in 2019, our system allows you to exchange currency from your smartphone’s on real time.

We manage the accounts safely, and the quickest way possible

GULFEE is premium service provider for high net-worth individuals, and customer that wants to learn how to deal with bitcoin, exchange and investment opportunities. At GULFEE we offer access to over 25 foreign currencies at the best rates across our branch network and online delivered directly to your home.

We have mainly focus on AED/USD/ Tether/ Bitcoin/exchange and currencies.

Pdbon provides 360 degrees exchange turn-key solutions for financial Institutions, HNWI and investors at the best rates, with world-class customer service and FX market experience.

  • We provide secure, and streamlined exchange and payment solutions for our customers/ International transactions to everywhere.
  • We do check clearing complying with all international financial regulations. Leaving no grounds for risks.
  • We give you the privilege of getting lower exchange rates and grow your foreign capita in the market.
  • We manage all your payments needs to be done oversees by providing safe, fast and automated solutions.
  • We pride ourselves to be your trusted partner in the region for all your exchange needs.

Why to choose GULFEE

  • We enable you to buy and sell to customers with multiple currency options.
  • We simplify the process for you by setting up easy transactional options which can be custom made according to your needs, and financial institution specific perquisites.
  • We can offer banknotes for our customers, and downstream correspondent banks or credit unions to officially make the transactions.
  • We offer 24/7 customer service and live chats that makes the operational transaction tracked safely and at your convenience.
  • We thrive to continue our innovative solutions to fulfill all you transactional, financial and investment solutions. We have multiple order solutions, including delivery to your home or premises. We do the impossible integrations possible to operate the foreign exchange transaction work for our trusted partners, consumers and stakeholder.

Our Quality Policy

  • We operate under strict financial compliance rules and regulations. We manage all transaction safely and according to the local and international legislations. Everything you need under one tool, and at your fingertips.
  • We offer a wide range of administrators permissions to get you logged in the system, thus, you can control, monitor the transactional routes and processes.
  • We offer email and mobile notification, as an addition, to intermediate delivery reports to follow up with the data for transactions.
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